Watchouts for Successful Dairying

Most people are fed up with the cubicle jobs and want to get out and do something more productive and enjoyable. Dairy farming seems to be a lucrative and enjoyable business, at least that's how it is featured. Most people respect Verghese Kurien (Milkman of India - father of white revolution in India / operation flood) for alleviating many poor families. People will cry foul on Thomas Kurien after a few years, mark my words. They are the ones who destroyed the milk culture in India. Currently the poor cannot afford to keep a cow nor can they buy milk since it is expensive. Even if people can buy it is not milk. I would say white poison. Getting back to the topic, here are some tips for successful dairy farming. 
  1. If you consider cows holy, then modern dairy farming is not meant for you.
  2. Housing:
    • Cows or for that matter any animals including humans are never designed in a way to live in shed or house though out their life time. This aspect is intentionally ignored by most who propagate modern dairy farm projects because of scarcity of land and ease of managing the herd. Even loose housing cows will not work, as cows need to freely stroll graze, have mud bath and much more.
    • Some western and exotic breed cattle are freely left on pasture in other parts of the world, yet they fall sick. So there is no doubt if you keep them always tied in shed they are going to fall sick.
    • Rubber mats are required for exotic breeds, because they have tender skin and flesh. Where as Indian cows can spend their time on rock beds.
  3. Land Holding
    • If you have 2 acres of land, dedicate 50 cents or at least 25 cents for cows to freely relax and mingle with other cows - they will be more healthier. When cows lick each other or if you massage them, this produces more estrogen and other hormones which result in happier cows, so more milk.
    • Don't spend too much on making cow shed hi-tech, think wise. But make sure shed is always clean. I see a day when Indian government banning people who sell fresh milk without sterilizing it.
  4. Water
    • If there isn't plenty of fresh water available please drop the plan. Same goes with electricity. Water plays a very important role.
    • In some parts of India farmers are mining for water to maintain exotic breeds. Suppose a Cow gives 10 liters of milk its water requirement is approx 40 liters.