Ridge Gourd Cultivation

Diseases and Management

  • Yellow wine Mosaic Virus
    Causes heavy damage to the crops due to curling and wilting of leaves, retarded growth, lower productivity. In order to reduce loss due to this, Seeds can be selected from disease free plants, virus resistant variety seeds also can be used. As a precaution, the seeds can be soaked in hot water having a temperature 55°C temperature.

  • Powdery Mildew (Sphaerotheca fuliginea)
    Appearance of grey or white patches on the leaves and spreads rapidly throughout the plants having a powdery appearance of the plants, resulting in defoliation of the plant.
    Spraying of Karathane (0.5%) or Carbendazim (0.1%) can control this disease.

  • Downy mildew (Pseudoperonospora cubensis)
    This disease appears during rainy seasons with high humidity. The leaves get the appearance of as such they have been soaked in water at the bottom and angular portions. This will cause damage of entire plant quickly. Immediate removal of affected leaves and spraying of Dithane M-45 (0.2%) over the leaves and lower side can control this disease.

Cost of cultivation

Cost of Cultivation of Ridge Gourd - in Rupees per Acre

Cost In Rupees
Field Preparation 14,820
Nursery, Planting and Sowing 19,760
Weeding 19,760
Fertilisers 19,760
Wages 17,290
Stacking, Transportation and other expenses 12,350
Total 1,03,740
  • Total Cost of cultivation - Rs 1,03,740
  • Average Yield per acre - 49 Mt
  • Market Price - Rs 4 to 15 per kg
  • Nett income at the minimum price Rs 1,96,000
  • Profit - 1,96,000 - 1,03,740 = Rs 92,260


The harvest can be done by hand picking and sorting according to the weight and length of the fruits.
They can be marketed either through local markets or through marketing agents.

Post Harvest Technology

Ridge Gourd has to be used immediately after harvest. So the earlier the marketing, the better for the cultivator.

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