Maruthi Dairy Farm

Separate and individual quarters are provided to them so that the hygiene is at high levels.
  • Separate sheds/housing for calves, heifers, dry and milking cows.
  • Semi Automatic milking machine for a pure & hygienic milk production.
  • Installation of Pressure washing machines for a thorough cleaning and bathing of animals as well as to maintain cleanliness inside the sheds.
  • Biogas unit for producing cooking gas and power.
  • Very reliable and fool proof power back up to answer the frequent power shut down. Grid Power – biogas based Generator - diesel Generator- UPS back up - minimum solar Lighting.
  • Good office management/administration systems for maintaining good animal health care, well equipped with stocking of all basic & emergency drugs, daily visit of experienced veterinarian for health management, cold storage system for storing of critical drugs and proven semen, automatic computation & records maintenance at the farm.
  • Production of organic manure - vermicompost, compost, enriched compost, vermiwash and packing/marketing of the same according to the local farmers' needs.
  • Rain water harvesting to recharge the available bore well in the farm as well as a well networked drainage for feeding the same to the surrounding coconut grove.
  • Stocking of bioslurry – 300 KL capacity underground cement tank. The slurry is pre-digested & pathogen free and is an excellent organic manure, very beneficial to crops, improving productivity, soil fertility and micronutrients.
  • Recognition


    One of our underlying intentions in starting a dairy farm in such a remote location was to showcase to the farming community the viability of a dairy farm and to revive their deteriorating interest towards farming as a dependable livelihood. The idea was to show the farmers that by adopting modern techniques without foregoing the native methods, dairy farming can be a successful venture, providing local employment in the process.  Our efforts have been recognised and supported by state government owned organisations - GKVK, UAS, District Commissioner offices, Animal Husbandry Dept. and other private institutions and organisations.