Maruthi Dairy Farm

The Dairy currently houses 110 animals majorly HF and a few Jersey cows.


Cow Shed

The farm houses a range of machines - milking machines, automatic drinking water arrangements for the animals, chaff cutter, pressure washing machines etc. The unprecedented shortage of green fodder prompted us to look for alternatives and after an exhaustive search, we located a state-of-the-art hydroponic fodder growing machine manufactured in India in association with an Australian company. The machine helps grow fodder using hydroponic technology, where nature is simulated under controlled conditions but without soil, and using minimal water and labour. The farm generates about 1.5 MT of cow dung and about 5,000 to 6,000 Ltrs of bioslurry which is a mixture of digested dung, cow urine, wash water etc. To make the best use of resources like bioslurry and to make the dairy a financially viable and self sustaining venture, we set up a 15KVA biogas based electric generator which powers all the equipments at the farm, giving us relief from the severe unscheduled power cuts often to the tune of 16-20 hours.


  1. State-of-the-art cow sheds for easy handling , management as well as providing the cows with comfortable housing.
  2. Green fodder storage by making silage of around 200 MT during harvest season, adequate to meet 4 months requirement of the animals.
  3. Exclusive area for storage of various dry Fodder meeting one full year’s requirement of dry fodder.
  4. Innovative alternate soilless green fodder growing machine using hydroponics technology, to meet sudden green fodder requirements.
  5. Separate free stalls area for cows, heifers and calves to reduce the lameness in the animals by leaving them free, safe in day time within safe boundaries.
  6. Our own feed preparation as well as stocking with locally available grains residues and ration by adding necessary nutrients.
  7. To maintain hygiene of the animals, the labourers are divided/segregated to dairy section and manure producing sections.