French Beans Cultivation

Sowing, Nursery and Transplanting

French bean seeds can be sown twice in the year in two different seasons. The sowing time also varies depending on the type of region. In plains, it can be sown in January – February and also can be sown in July – September; in hills it can be sown between March to June. It is preferable to sow them in warm soil. It is advisable to not grow the french bean in the same soil as was grown previous year for better productivity. A groove or drill can be made in the soil, which should be almost 5 cm deep and almost 10 cm away from each other. There are different types of french beans which require different cultivation methods. In case of the climbing french beans, they can be grown by staking on any support. Traditionally, they are grown in double rows of bamboo canes with a space of 45cm between the rows. The bamboo canes are placed 15cm apart from each other and tied at top to a horizontal cane. After the bamboo structure, plant one bean plant at base of each cane and tie their shoots loosely to it enabling it to grow upwards efficiently. Another variety of french bean is dwarf french beans, which grow only 45 cm tall and thus can be grown in small blocks. In case of the bush type of french bean, the pods are allowed to mature for 110 days and the seeds are sown. The seeds are sown in fields in ridges and furrows.

Seed Rate

It depends on the type and variety of the French bean. If it is dwarf bean, about 50 to 75kg/ha is required and in case of pole type 25kg/ha is required.

Seed Treatment and Sowing

The plants are susceptible to many diseases and thus seed treatments aids in getting good productivity. Below are various ways to treat the seeds.

  • The seeds can be treated with 4g/kg of Trichoderma or 2g/kg of Thiaram or Carbandazim before 24 hours of sowing the seeds.
  • The seeds can be treated with Rhizobium culture at 30 gm sugar solution per kg of seed and it can also be treated with Rhizobium phaseoli for quick nodulation.


Bush type of french bean should have an optimum spacing of 5 – 10cm between them with 0.6 to 0.9m space between the rows. In case of pole french beans, the seeds can be sown 15 – 25cm apart with a space of 0.9 to 1.2m space between rows. Dwarf type french beans can be planted 40 to 70 mm apart with spacing between rows to be 450 to 600mm.