French Beans Cultivation

Area, Production and Productivity

It is one of the most cultivated crop in India due to its high protein and various other benefits. In 2004, at global level the total production of dry bean was about 19,393 million metric tons in an area of 26.6 million hectares. India is also responsible for large production of french beans, accounting for 37.52% of total production. The productivity although is low in India due to unfavourable conditions and many countries like Lebanon, Africa, Iran, Indonesia, China, Japan etc. are ahead of India.

Cultivation Requirements

French Beans Plant

Climate and Seasons

It is majorly grown in the temperate and tropical regions of India and shows higher productivity around temperature of 21°C and an optimum temperature of around 16 to 24°C is better for its greater yield. It is not advisable to grow french bean at very low or high temperature as t might cause poor productivity with dropping of buds and flowers. It requires an annual rainfall of 50 – 150 cm for good harvest. It is highly susceptible to frost and should be harvested before onset of frost. Too much rainfall may cause water logging which causes flower drop and makes the plant to various diseases. It is cultivated in India between February to March in hills and in October to November in Plains.


It is flexible in terms of soil and can be grown in a wide range of soil ranging from light sand to heavy clay soil. Although it can be grown in wide range of soils, it gives best results in well drained loams. It requires an optimum pH of 5.2 to 5.8 for better growth and is also sensitive to high salinity. Seed germination requires that the soil is adequately moistened. Germination requires a soil temperature of nearly 15°C and at 18°C germination takes almost 12 days and at 25°C germination takes about 7 days.


1. Arka Komal

It was developed by IIHR Bangalore, which produces pods which are straight, flat and green with large brown seeds. It gives a yield of 19t/ha of pods and 3t/ha of seeds.

2. Arka Subidha

It was developed by IIHR Bangalore. It produces pods which are oval, light green and fleshy. It gives an yield of 19t/ha in 70 days.