French Beans Cultivation

Post Harvest Technology

The pods once harvested should be cleaned, graded and packed properly. It is very important that the pods are of good size and don’t bulge out. They should be picked up at the right stage. While harvested the pods, it is to be ensured that the pods are of equivalent size which after that are graded and selected through manual selection. After that the beans are packed for keeping it fresh for longer duration. Some growers pack it after harvest and some do it later. Generally, the french bean is packed in wooden or card board box. It is very important that the french beans are stored properly in order to increase their shelf life. In order to keep them from perishing, it should be immediately cooled at 4 to 5 °C. Dehydration and damage can be effectively controlled by instant cooling. In order to increase its self life, the pods after being harvested should be immediately cooled within 1 or 2 hours. It should be subjected to hydro cooling, by which large quantities of french bean are brought in contact with chilled water and is highly effective when the beans needs to be shipped. It is very important to use chlorinated water while washing and hydro cooling as it is a germicidal agent and can effectively control damage by decay causing organisms. The storage temperature should not be very low as it causes chilling injury. After the french beans are cooled, they are packaged in the container according to the marketing needs. After packaging it properly, it is shipped for marketing purpose.

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