French Beans Cultivation

French Beans

About the Crop

Crop Name

French Bean

Common names

Green Bean

Scientific Name

Phaseolus vulgaris

Name in Indian languages

Faras Bean (Hindi), Sem (Hindi), Tingal Avre Kai (Kannadi), Farabsi (Marathi), Tingal Avro (Konkani).

Origin, Distribution and Uses

It belongs to the Leguminosae family, it is thought to be originated in America via various theories. It is found the French bean remains were found in the excavation of ancient Mexican and Guatemalan cities which dated almost 7000 years ago. It is considered that french beans were cultivated almost 7000 years ago by Indian tribes settled in Mexico and Peru. With all the sought out speculation, it is found to to be of South American Origin in Peru and Columbia. In Europe, it was bought in notice by the Spanish and was one of the dominant vegetable in 1569 in homes of Italy. It was spread to Asian countries like India, China and also Africa by Europeans. It is basically an unripe fruit and protective pods of various common bean cultivars, which is harvested before the seeds inside are mature and consumed as part of our food.
It is considered to be a very rich source of protein and vitamins, hence recommended in our diet for healthy living. It also provides our body carotenoids like beta – carotene, neoxanthin, lutein and violaxanthin. It also contains antioxidant capacity and hence helps our body to rid away of harmful radicals and also benefits our cardio vascular system. They are rich source of dietary fiber which protects the mucosa in the colon by reducing exposure to toxins. It is rich source of Zea-Xanthin, a dietary carotenoid which gives protective UV filtering function. It has humungous health benefits and should be an important supplement of our diet.