Farm Fencing

Fencing Methods

Natural Fencing

Takes time, less expensive, needs a proper choice of plants to be really effective against a variety of intruders, may provide some economic benefits based on the plants selected.

Suitable plants

(extracted in part from member posts on the forum with due credit to respective posters)
  • Karonda (Carissa carandas)
  • Pathimugam (Caesalpinia sappan) - hardy, thorny plant that does well in hot humid climates. Is used as a coloring agent and has medicinal value too
  • Gachakaya/Sagarguti/Sagargota (Caesalpinia crista) - the seeds of this plant is used as an vermifuge. This very thorny plant is good as a fencing where it will deter any intruder. Once entangled in the thorns one has no other choice but to back up. For every two feet put one plant. Pinch it at 2 feet height, once it attains 3 ft growth. Then it spreads and flushes with good vegetation.
  • Bamboo - plant every 10 feet and irrigate it regularly. You can find thorny bamboos for this purpose. Bamboo responds very well with irrigation
  • Henna/Gorintaku - thorny, leaves have economic value
  • Jatropha
  • Shikakai - Seeds are bought back at Rs. 25/-kg. Member reports that the plant oozes sticky juice/enzyme which drips onto the ground, totally blackening and ruining the soil around and below the plant, rendering the area useless for future use. Also the shikakai plant has a prolific growth and spreads very fast into a thick wild bush/shrub.
  • Giripushpa (Glyricidia sepium) stumps/seeds. This is a very good green manure and very efficient nitrogen fixer. Also generates good firewood. Can be chopped every year to a bare minimum. Leaves buried in soil for N fixing. Also serves as moderate wind breaker. Should be planted 2 ft apart. Seeds are easily available, stumps are available at Rs. 3-4 for 2 feet.
  • Teak combined with pepper vines makes economic sense. It is thought that teak is an unsuitable companion crop for mango, and harms the mango plants beyond repair.