Cluster Beans Cultivation

Green Manure has many advantages like supply of organic matter to the soil, supplies additional nitrogen to organic matter, acts as cover crop which is protecting the soil from erosion, increases the biochemical activity, increase yield of the crop.

Harvesting and Yield 

After 60 to 90 days of the plant growth the cluster beans are ready and the green pods can be broken from the plant by twisting it or cutting from it. The green pods can be continued to be picked up from the plant over a period of time as they continue to grow on the plant. If the cluster bean cultivation is done for green manure purpose, the crop can be ploughed as soon as pods are developed. The yield of cluster bean can range depending on farm practices with somewhat around 35 to 55 quintals per hectare. After harvesting of the guar seeds, larger fraction is processed in various other products like Guar splits, where polished endosperm are removed and separated from fine layer of fibrous material. It is also used in production of Guar Powder and Guar Gum.


Guar seeds are used for various purposes like animal feed, extraction of Guar Split, powder and Guar Gum. The Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) or mandis are the places of aggregation and operation for various people operating at whole sale level like traders, stockists etc. The ones who manufacture Guar split purchase Cluster Bean from village traders or farmers through commission agent. After the production of Guar split from seeds, they are exported directly or through exporters. Majority of processed product is exported and only a small portion of it is being consumer in the local markets. Now a days there is lot of demand of Guar processed products in International markets. At wholesale level about 86% of the bean is procured by processors to prepare guar gum and splits. In order for high marketing of Guar there is certain information that is required:
  1. Cultivation area and estimated production for a season.
  2. Estimation of requirement in international market and expected price in different markets.
  3. Quality specification in various countries.
There is requirement of better technology, proper research and development and skilled manpower for achieving greater heights in manufacturing of this crop. There is need of a stable and organised market for Guar.

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