Cluster Beans Cultivation

The best sowing time in case of Summer crop is between last week of Feb to 2nd week of March.

Seed Rate 

The seed rate depends on the type of cluster bean. In case of spreading type varieties 10 – 12 kg/ha is sown whereas in unbranched type 15 -16 kg/ha is sown. If it is grain crop 20 kg/ha is sufficient and in case of fodder cropp, it can be 40 kg/ha. In certain conditions like dry condition, late sown condition or soil salinity, the seed rate might increase

Seed Treatment 

It is important to treat the seeds so that thrie mortality rate is not high and are resistant to diseases later. Various types of seed treatment can done in order to check the proper growth.
  1. Seeds can be treated with Ceresan or Thiram at rate of 3gm/kg seed to kill dry root rot fungus spores.
  2. In order  to check sucking pest like Jassids and Aphids, seeds can be treated with Imidachloprid at rate of 6ml/kg.
  3. Fungus mycelium can be killed as well as their spores inactivated by a series of treatment starting from seed immersion in hot water at 50oC for 20 minutes and drying the seeds after that.
  4. Guar seeds need to be inoculated with bacteria it depends on for its symbiotic relation so that its population is maintained in the soil. We need to make 10% gur or sugar solution in boiling water, followed by cooling. After that we mix the bacterial culture making a thin paste which is coated over seeds. After that the seeds are dried for 30 to 40 minutes before sowing


Spacing is very important to ensure that the plant is able to get proper nutrients, moisture and light enabling its proper growth. It involves intra and inter row spacing. The recommended spacing is 10 -15 cm distance between two plants in a row and a distance of 45-60cm row to row. The seeds used for this kind of spacing is almost 14 to 24 kg per hectare. The spacing totally depends on rainfall and other factors. In case of arid regions with rainfall of 200 – 350mm the row distance should be 60×10, in semi – arid (450 - 500mm) it should be 45×10 and in case of rainfall of 550-600 it should be 30×10. 

Cropping Patterns 

Cluster bean is generally a mixed crop which can be grown along with other crops like cucurbits, cotton and sugarcane. This crop is able to grow in areas of less rainfall and high temperature. It doesn’t need lot of fertilizer as it is a legume able to fix nitrogen from soil. 

Water Management

Since Guar is a drought – tolerant crop, it can be easily grown in areas of 300 -400 mm annual rainfall.