Cauliflower Cultivation

  • The seeds can be treated with hot water at 500°C for 30 minutes. It should be followed by a treatment with 25g of Azospirillum for 250g of cauliflower seeds.
  • Seeds can also be treated with Bavistin or Thiram in ratio of 2g/kg of seed.
  • Now a days seeds of cauliflower are pelletized and the pelleted coatings allows better germination. The seeds are covered by powder mixture forming a ball making it uniform and easier to handle during sowing.


Within 3 -6 weeks of the seed sowing, seedlings are formed from the seeds and are ready to be transplanted to the field. The transplantation depends on type of crop where in early crop seedlings which are 5 - 6 weeks old are better and 3-4 week old seedlings give better productivity in case of mid season crop. Once the seedlings are grown, it is to be ensured that it gets enough daylight but not much heat. It is important to properly water the seedlings before transplanting them to field. Also in order for the germinated seedling to adjust to the outside environment it is important that it is gets used to outside temperature and conditions through hardening process where it can be kept in mini green houses with optimal conditions. After appropriate time, we can transplant the seedling to the already prepared field. Furrows or hole in the soil can be made and the seedling can be planted firmly which needs to be watered after that. It is advisable to plant the seedling in a cold day or in evening to prevent wilting.


The germinated seedling should be transplanted to the field and an optimal spacing is required so that each one gets proper nutrients. The spacing depends on the type of cultivar. They should be placed in single rows with a distance of 45 × 45 cm for early crop and for late crop the spacing is 60 × 60 cm. Or else the spacing in case of seeds should be 35 to 50 cm apart in rows which are 60 to 90 cm apart.

Water Management

Water Management is very important for efficient and proper growth of cauliflower. The water requirement differs according to the stage and type of cultivar. It is necessary to water the crop every 4 to 7 days if it is an early planting and in case of late crop it needs to be watered every 10 to 15 days. Since the plant require moisture, it should be optimally maintained in the field. Drip Irrigation or sprinkler can be one of the most effective ways to keep the plant moistened and well hydrated as well as protect it from very high temperature.