Cauliflower Cultivation


  • Dania - This variety have medium sized curd and is stress tolerant.
  • Early Kunwari – This variety has semi spherical curds with waxy bloom bluish green leaves. It is grown in parts of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi.
  • Hisar -1 – It has medium to large size heads and grows in Haryana.
  • Improved Japanese – This variety came from Israel and is unable to tolerate heat. It has bluish green erect leaves with compact curds.
  • Pant Gobi 2 – They are harvested generally in the month of October or thereafter.
  • Pant Gobhi 3 – It consists of 8 inbred lines and have relatively longer stem with semi erect leaves. The curds are hemi spherical , compact and creamy white in colour.
  • Pant Gobhi 4 – They are medium sized plant with upright leaves. The curds are round and creamy white, with full riceyness.
  • Pant Shubra – The curds formed are slightly conical and compact, which is creamy in colour, non ricey and non leafy. It is suitable for cultivation during rainy season.
  • Punjab Giant-26 – This variety was developed by PAU, Ludhiana and formed solid white and medium sized curd
  • Punjab Giant-35 – It forms curds which are medium in size, white and compact. It is suitable for late season cultivation.
  • Pusa Aghani – It was developed by IARI, New Delhi. Curds are big, solid and white in colour and are harvested during November or December.
  • Pusa Deepali – It is developed by IARI, New Delhi. It forms compact, white and medium sized curds with erect, short and green waxy leaves. Curds are ready in the month of October.
  • Pusa Early Synthetic – Produced by IARI, New Delhi. The curds formed are medium sized, creamy, white in colour and compact. It forms bluish green leaves.
  • Pusa Him Jyoti – It forms white, solid and round curd with bluish green leaves.
  • Pusa Hybrid-2 – This variety has long and green upright leaves and covers the curd in initial stage. It is cultivated in humid Bengal Assam Basin.
  • Pusa Katki – It matures in October or November and the plants have bluish green and waxy leaves. It is suitable for sowing in May middle.
  • Pawas – It is grown from middle May to August and produces 700 to 800 g average curd weight.
  • Swarna – It produces white and compact curds which are ready within 80 to 85 days of transplantation.
  • Summer king – It produces curd which is whitish in shape and is ready fro harvest after 65 days of transplantation.