Cauliflower Cultivation

  • Sorting and grading, generally harvesting is done manually beginning in December with heads of approximate size of 15cm. Sorting is done by removing the spreading leaves and trimming leaves wrapping the head and after that it is packaged. If it is packed in perforated plastic, carton is cooled by hydrovac and carton is cooled by hydrocooling if head is wrapped by plastic. After that the cauliflowers packed in cardboard box, are shipped to packing house where they are checked for any defects, trimmed and mildly treated with chlorinated water before final packaging.
  • Packaging, after all the checking it is packaged in cartons with almost 12 per carton with most of them packaged in perforated film. There should be holes in the plastic for ventilation.
  • Storage, cauliflower requires low temperature of 2o C and relative humidity of 95% for storage. The temperature for storage varies with number of days the cauliflower needs to be stored. Storing under proper conditions prevents decay, spotting and aging or curd browning. When the cauliflower is to be held outside temporarily of cold storage, it can be packed in crushed ice to keep it fresh.
    In order to remove the field heat, both hydrocooling and vacuum cooling method are very effective. Make sure that ice is not used on it. Cauliflowers that are to be stored should be cut in slightly immature stage so that the curds don’t separate.

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