Bottlegourd Cultivation

About the Crop

Crop Name

Bottle Gourd

Common names

Calabash - Opo - Long Melon

Scientific Name

Scientific Name : Lagenaria siceraria
Family: Cucurbitaceae

Name in Indian languages

Suraikkai (Tamil), Sorakaya or Anapakaya (Telugu), Churakkya (Malayalam), Sorekayi (Kannada), Lauki (Hindi), Laau (Bangali), Dudhi Bhophala (Marathi), Jatilao (Assamese)

Origin, Distribution and Uses

Bottle Gourd which is commonly called Calabash, is believed to originate from Africa thousands of years ago. It is being in use all over the world for food purpose or for making Containers and Music Instruments widely. It is known in neighbouring countries as Laau or kaddu in Bangladesh, Boo thee in Myanmar, Lauka in Nepal, Lauki in Pakistan, Labu in Srilanka. Also known as Jorongbak in korea, Bau in Vietnam, Yugao in Japanese and Hulu or Huzi in Chinese. In Central America it is know as Jicaro. It is called Gara In Arabic. Also commonly called long Melon or Opo Squash. It is being called Calabash since it is Round Bottle shaped.
Bottle gourd is cultivated in Tropical and Sub Tropical areas around the world including Americas for even 8000 thousands years before, according to researchers.