Bhendi Cultivation

Management: excessive watering is the main cause. Treating the seeds with Thiram Solution at the rate of 3gm per kg of seed reduces the damage. Removal of affected plants then and there will prevent other plants getting infected

Harvesting and Yield

Flowering starts after 40 days of sowing and develops into pods after 60 days. At this time the pods are soft tender and can be harvested, the pods can be harvested every two days interval and should not be allowed to mature in the plant which in turn may affect further flowering and development of new pods and in turn affect productivity of Bhendi.
Yield: Bhendi yield can be in the range of 17 tons per acre in summer and about 24 tons per acre in rainy days.

Cost of Cultivation

Cost of Cultivation of Bhendi per acre: Rupees
Field Preparation 14,820
Sowing 29,640
Weeding 13,832
Plant Protection 12,350
Fertilisers 14,820
Wages 14,820
Total 1,00,282

Profitability per acre:
Total cost of cultivation: Rs 1,00,282
Total yield: 24 mt/acre
Sale price: Rs 6 to 15 per kg
Gross income at Rs 6/kg: (6 x 24,000) = Rs 1,44,000
Net profit at minimum price: Rs 43,718
(Source: TNAU Agritech portal)


The harvested Bhendi can be marketed through local vegetable markets or by having purchase contract with marketing agencies.

Post Harvest Technology

Storage after Harvest: Bhendi can be stored only for a short while after harvest. It can be stored for about 10 days at 10oC and 90% relative humidity. Beyond this period Bhendi can become unfit for marketing. It is advisable to send the harvested Bhendi immediately to markets for sale. It is suggested to keep Bhendi unwashed in a paper bag under refrigeration.

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