Bhendi Cultivation

Pests and Management

  • Fruit and Shoot Borer
    Bores into shoots and pods and eats them causing damage to pods and reduction in yield.
    Management: Remove the affected pods and shoots. Apply pesticide Carbaryl, at the rate of four grams per litre or Neem Oil solution.
  • Leaf Hopper
    Stays underneath the leaves of the plant and grows by eating sap from the leaves. Causes the rolling in of leaves with a burnt colour. This affects the plant entirely.
    Management:- Spraying of Dimethoate (0.05%) every ten days helps control the damage.
  • Mites
    Sucks cell Sap of the leaves causing white patches appear on the leaves and the leaves ultimately fall down.
    Management: Spraying of wettable Sulphur 2gm/litre of water or Dicofol 2.5ml/litre of water controls Mites.
  • Root Knot Nematode
    Enters Root of the plant and develops knots throughout the roots. Retards plant growth causes yellowing of leaves.
    • Treat the soil with neem leaves or paddy husk at the sowing pits one week before sowing.
    • Deep ploughing and exposure to sun or plant rotation also controls the pests.
    • Application of Nemagon at the rate of 74 litres per acre before sowing also can control the pests.
  • Aphids
    Suck sap from soft areas of the plant causing curling and knotting of leaves.
    Management: spraying of Tobacco decoction or Dimethoate 0.05% over the affected areas controls the pests.
  • White Fly
    Sucks sap from the leaves. Carriers of Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus. Curling and drying of leaves.
    Management: spraying of Dimethoate 0.05% once in every 10 days controls the pests also controls Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus.

Diseases and Management

  • Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus
    Affects leaves of the plant causing thickening of the veins and development of yellowish and thicker and smaller Pods unsuitable for consumption.
    Management: remove the affected plants. Application of either Neem oil solution or Dimethoate 0.05% on the plants once in every 10 days prevents the damage. Using YVMV resistant varieties of the plant controls damage
  • Damping off
    The affected seedlings are susceptible to get damaged before they grow. The plant population is affected with fungal disease causing loss of crop.