Bhendi Cultivation


It will be better if the field is watered for 3 days before sowing in order to improve germination of seeds.
For sowing Ridge type or furrow type can be followed. For hard soil ridge type and furrow type for soft soil is preferred.

Cropping Patterns

Bhendi can be cultivated through rotational method in order to avoid diseases.

Water Management

Drip Irrigation Is advised for Bhendi plants. Water requirement is about half litre per plant during initial stage and about 2 litres per plant per day during full grown stage.

Nutrient Management

The field is treated with addition of Field Manure, Poultry manure or Organic Manure like Neem cake to improve growth of plant. The field requires approximately 62mt/acre of compost manure. In addition 865kg of Super Phosphate and 310kg of Mureate of Potash and 740Kgs of Ammonium Sulphate per acre is to be applied to the rows before sowing.

Weed Management

For Weed management 1. Application of herbicides 2. Inter row cultivations 3. Removal of weeds manually, are done.
Basalin (Fluchoralin 48%) 4 litres per acre can be applied. 12 litres of Tok-E-25 per acre can be used for soil application purpose.