Aumkara Vatika

First a background

We are a family of engineers, myself a BE Computer Science with 7 years work experience in Mumbai, my father BE Civil with 30 years exp., my wife BE Electronics with 7 years work ex. All of us left our jobs and shifted to rural life to escape the madness of cities and present corporate world. The goal was to live a life with no stress, clean air and most important, bring up our son in a pure and clean environment. We clearly believe that child development is linked to their experience with nature; unfortunately people have chosen to ignore this in cities. Also, we also observed that the school going children of today have become mindless drones who are encouraged by everyone to mug up and top the class, like the movie 3 Idiots showed clearly. We do not want such a life for our son. Its better to go to average school and learn practical skills than memorizing huge texts for the sake of grades.

Home sweet Home

Aumkara Vatika Home The first thing that we wanted to build was our home. We wanted it to be spacious and traditional, since space is not constraint. Also, it was clear from day one that we will be shifting to the farm and live there as family, all members together. So it is very important to take everyone into confidence otherwise you wont be able to do justice to anything and will result in unhappiness. Family always takes precedence over all things. So attached one of the pictures of our house, the landscape has changed since the photo, we have planted more trees and gardening to improve the barren look in the picture. Your farm is your kingdom, live like kings.