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Our mission

FarmNest.com is an open, free platform to enable free sharing of agricultural information among everyone interested in Indian agriculture & farming. We continue to work to build farmer friendly information around agriculture, horticulture, poultry, dairy, gardening, nurseries etc. The farmnest forum aims to support free discussions on agriculture and FarmNest Ads allow free placement and review of farm related advertisements. With the rapidly growing penetration of internet into all parts of the country, we believe the web becomes a major source of information and collaboration for farmers and this is our own small way to support the cause. However, we expect members will exercise due caution in sharing personal information.

Support us

If you like what FarmNest.com is doing, there are several ways you can support us:
  1. Participate in the forum discussions to provide guidance and advice to members of FarmNest.com
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  3. Add a link to FarmNest.com on your websites and sites you participate in, so that more people can find FarmNest.com easily
  4. If you wish to support FarmNest.com in any other way, please contact us

Copyright policy and terms of use

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